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I wonder how to comfort others in English.

Sometimes i don't know how to comfort others in English who just met trouble, Please outline some points, thank you.

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    Depending on the trouble, I think this really is a case where your tone and manner means more than the words you say. Just listening and making sympathetic noises is usually a good start :)

    One of the best ways to comfort someone is to try to show them that you understand the difficulty/pain/whatever they are experiencing rather than trying to make it better or tell them it's going to be ok.
    So some useful phrases might be:

    "It sounds like things are really tough for you right now"
    "That must be really painful/difficult"
    "I'm sorry that xxxx happened to you"

    If it's someone in real distress and just needs some comforting words like a little child, then we generally say things like "There there", "It's ok" "You'll be ok" "You'll be alright"

    It is difficult to know the right thing to say to someone even in your own language so I would not worry too much. Just saying something gentle and genuine will be appreciated even if the English is not perfect!

    Here are some examples I can think of:
    1. Don't worry, everything's going to be fine.
    2. Get a hold onto yourself.
    3. Don't let the/this trouble/problem make you weak.

    There has to be way more than this but I can't remember them now...
    Hope my answer helped (^_^)

    You can say" Oh that is not good. But I am sure that everything will turn out ok."

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