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How to translate, "why would you pick a place so far?" In Spanish?

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    Depende del contexto/ It depends on the context

    The literal translation is 1. ¿Porqué escogerías un lugar hasta ahora? or 2.¿ Porqué escogiste un lugar hasta ahora?, or generalising a little bit 3. ¿Porqué escoger un lugar hasta ahora? (as Jeni said). The first two translation use "you" as the subject, the third one uses an indeterminate subject.

    Now, besides the literally meaning, the speaker may be asking the other person to explain the motives of his/her delay to choose a place. So an answer would be expected.

    However, it could be also a reproach. The speaker is reproaching the listener for his/her delay using the question instead of telling him directly. An answer could or could not be expected.

    is translated well
    ¿Por qué escoger un lugar hasta ahora?

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