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Difference between to and towards?

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    Leaving aside all intangible concepts (e.g., Between surrealism and impressionism), let us focus on two physical points, such as two cities, or two people standing in different places.

    (1) Between: This denotes a static concept. It characterizes the space between two points. E.g., There are many small towns between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    (2) To: This denotes a starting point and an ending point. E.g., "It takes seven hours to drive from San Francisco TO Los Angeles."

    (3) Towards: This emphasizes the motion from point A to point B. E.g., "Stay there, don't move. I'll come TOWARDS you."

    I would say that "to" is a more general preposition used for describing where one intends to go, while "towards" emphasizes movement in a specific direction.

    "He walked to the door." This implies that the door was his intended destination, and somehow or other he intended to end up at the door.

    "He walked toward the door." This uses the door as a reference point to describe the direction in which he walked. Reaching the door wasn't necessarily his goal either, it just happened to be where he was walking.

    Does that explanation make sense?

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