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A trick/trickery and deception/deceit

What are the differences between "a trick" and "trickery" and between "deception" and "deceit"?
Some of them are (un)countable, but is there any other details?

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of course "are there any other details?" :)

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    (1) All words are non-countable except trick. You can play one trick, or two tricks. But you don't commit one deception and two deceptions. You commit acts of deception.

    (2) Trickery is the general conceptual term, meaning the practice of playing tricks. Trick, on the other hand, is a particular instance of trickery.
    (2) Likewise, some people will say deceit is the general practice, and deception is one particular instance. I personally think that the deceit/deception dichotomy is less clear than the difference between trick/trickery.

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