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Pilic ve tavuk, fark nedir ?

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    Genç ve gelişme çağında olanlara piliç, cinsi olgunluğa ulaşmış ergin dişilere tavuk denir.

    Chicken chicken little smaller. No erginleşmemiş one.

    Chickens under different names at different stages of their lives. New-born chick chicks, young people and those who are in the age of development of the chick, not yet reached the maturity of spawning, the female egg laying chickens in the period before puberty, sexual maturity reached the adult females of chicken, adult males are called cocks.

    In addition chick has another meaning. Slang means beautiful and attractive lady.
    But slang is not used anywhere.
    For example, a Turk, his wife wears a chicken roasting bottle makes you say look chick.
    Become sober. ;)
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