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What are some common greetings in Japan?

How would you say "hello" to superiors such as parents or teachers? How would you greet your friends?

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    We usually greet
    ・hisasiburi(ひさしぶり~)/male & female
    It is [has been] a long time.
    ・name (なまえ) say only name /male & female
    ・genki(げんき?)how are you? /male & female
    ・ohayou(おはよう) good morning /male & female
    We usually say おはよう but don't say こんにちわ, こんばんわ to our friends.
    (I don't know why but I think we've said おはよう to our friends in the school.)

    Hello is 'Konnichiwa'. On the phone instead of saying 'Hello!' they will say 'Moshi Moshii!'
    Other greetings include 'hajime mashite' which means 'Nice to meet you.'
    Ohayo gozaimasu= good morning
    Ogenkidesuka=How are you?

    There could be more but I can't remember them now.
    Hope my answer helped. ^_^

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