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which are the different essere / stare ???

i don't know the different between essere and stare in the italian language.

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    the difference is very subtle.You can use STARE if something or someone is in a place that you want to underline or if something is usually in a place,i'll make some examples :
    1 I stay at school from 8.30 a.m to 4.00 p.m.Io sto a scuola dalle 8 alle 16
    2 My father stayed at home yesterday because he was ill .Mio padre ieri è stato a casa perchè era malato
    3 Your t-shirts stay in the second drawer on your left .Le tue magliette stanno nel secondo cassetto sulla tua sinistra
    Instead you can use ESSERE if you want describe a person ,for example : My girlfriend is very shy;or if you want give info about temporary position : Your sweater is on the bed .Il tuo maglione è sul letto
    Sometimes we use STARE to order or encourage someone : STIA ZITTO or STIA english it would be : be quiet or pay attention please.
    I hope i helped you :)

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