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how would u say these words and sentences in arabic aammyah (saudi dialect)

1. Arabic language is very attractive,
2. When will u reach here?,
3. What can I say,
4. You are telling a lie,
5. I will tell u later,
6. Contact me,
7. Tell me in detail,
8. She is really disturb nowadays.

I do not need Arabic fus-hah, kindly translate into aammyah (Saudi dialect).

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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
    ١-اللغة العربية حيل جذابه..مره تجذب
    ٢-متى راح توصلين هنا؟
    ٣-وش اقول .. وش اللي اقدر اقوله
    ٤-انتي قلتي لي كذبه
    ٥-اقولك بعدين
    ٦-اتصلي بي
    ٧- قولي لي بالتفصيل
    ٨-مره تعكر مزاجي هذي الايام

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