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What does 아시려하나 mean?

I enjoy translating Korean songs to help me learn the language. In "나의 옛날이야기" by 조덕배, there's a pair of lines I'm having trouble with:

철없던 사람아 그대는 나의 모든것을
아시려하나 무정한 사람아

The first line ends with "을," which suggests "모든것" is the object of the next part, but I've seen other songs where that particle was added to make the line have the right number of syllables, so I'm not certain it has that meaning.

In the second line I'm stumped on "아시려하나." What does it mean? I get the impression that it's related to the verb "알다," but after that I don't know.

The best translation I have so far is "Oh, my one who was once childish, you are my everything/ ?????? heartless person."

Can anyone help me understand what this all means?

Thank you,


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    나의 모든 것을 is the object of 아시려하나.

    It is related to the verb 알다. 아시다 is the honorific form.
    -려하다 is a helping verb that means "to try to ~"
    나 is an interrogative ending which makes it a question.

    그대는 나의 모든 것을 아시려하나.
    Do you try to know everything about me?

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