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What does “Judges” mean in the last sentence?


Sterling took a small canister of salt out of his ruck while we waited for our squad’s turn to move out. I remember that there was a picture of a girl with an umbrella on the label. Morton’s, I think. He turned the cylinder over and began to shake it over the earth beneath the hawthorn tree. I looked at Murph, and he returned my questioning expression, and we walked toward Sterling. “Uh, Sarge, are you all right?” Murph asked. Sterling spread the salt over the ground where we’d been set up the night before.
“It’s from Judges,” he said, without really noticing us.

What does “Judges” mean in the last sentence? Does it mean Judges in the Old Testament?

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    It is a reference to the bible.
    Salting the earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Book of Judges (9:45) says that Abimelech, the judge of the Israelites, sowed his own capital, Shechem, with salt, ca. 1050 BC, after quelling a revolt.

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