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Can you recommend korean songs, except K-Pop, K-Rock, CCM, Hip-hop, R'n'B and Idol groups?

Maybe something that older people (above 30-35) like to listen. Something they sell on CD on 고속 bus stops. Something that people buy to listen in their cars, while they're driving (maybe taxi drivers) or at home.

Maybe something like 트로트, are there groups or singer still working in that genre?

Or any pop group would be fine, with the only conditions that 1) not idol group 2) going not for fame, but for quality of songs (music + lyrics + vocal performance) 3) nothing slightly related to hip-hop, trip-hop, trance, r'n'b.. or anything like that.. 4) a bit of blues or jazz would be fine, but not just blues or just jazz

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    The first thing that crosses my mind is 민중가요.
    It's the genre of music young Korean college students used to sing/listen to back in the 80's when they were protesting against their totalitarian government.

    그날이 오면

    Other classics from the 80's (if u don't mind oldies-but-goodies)

    김광석 - 먼지가 되어
    최호섭 - 세월이 가면
    노영심 - 그리움만 쌓이네
    장혜진 - 누구 없소
    이선희 - 나 항상 그대를
    신형원 - 터, 개똥벌레 (this one's a Korean classic)

    90's (and early 2000's)

    이은미 - 애인 있어요
    임재범 - 너를 위해
    임재범 & 박정현 - 사랑보다 깊은 상처
    윤도현 - 사랑 Two
    김범수 - 제발
    신성우 - 서시 (my all time favorite)
    부활 - Never Ending Story

    BTW, I'm starting wonder about your background. How can you be familiar with the 'CD on 고속 bus stops' HAHA.

    I'm not sure what K-Rock is. I presume that's modern-day Korean rock music?

    I listen to a lot of older Korean artists through YouTube, and a few I'm lucky to have on CD.

    If you like 트로트, there are definitely still artists in that genre. 장윤정 is considered the "Queen of Trot," but she's not purely a trot singer. She has other songs which are more techno-dance pop-like. I like her pure trot songs the best, personally.

    If you like 80's-style Korean pop-rock, there are plenty of great artists out there. 조용필 is probably the king of them all.

    A personal favorite of mine, even though he's not hugely popular, is 조덕배. He gets classified as "folk," but several of his songs have a sort of jazzy quality to them. It's very soothing.

    I'm hardly an expert on Korean music, as I'm still discovering it myself, but I recommend this list:

    I've found some interesting stuff there, and you can sort through to see what suits your tastes and what doesn't.

    I hope this helps!

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