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Reply from a chinese friend

I have just helped a chinese friend to translate some english sentences in italian languages:
she replyed with:" Duo xie xian sheng, wo hui lao lao ji zhu ta men".
I know a few words, but I don't understand the whole meaning...could you help me to translate it
in english version? Thanks a lot in advance. Sincerely, Claudio from Genova, Italy.

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    She said: "Thank you Sir, I will keep it in mind"

    In Chinese: "多謝先生, 我會牢牢記住它們"


    She said thanks a lot. And she also said that you're very cute too!


    Hehe. She just said "thank you very much sir, I will learn them well/ by heart." But it's mandarin, not cantonese.


    Really? I thought the last line means 'you're very cute'.


    I guess I need to take more lessons in Chinese. Who is willing to help me? Please, pretty please, with sugar on it and a cherry on top. Please........

    she said:"think you ,and i would remember them forever."

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