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    It can answer all of your questions on English words. but for Chinese words you need an other one.
    a dictionary on Chinese Characters.

    and often use baidu

    For your phone, definitely try Pleco if you haven't already.

    On the computer, I mostly use but also sometimes use and (very rarely now) nciku has a great handwriting input feature that the others lack. Mdbg offers example sentences and with one click you can add words to your skritter account if you use skritter.

    If you're looking for something more sophisticated than this or with definitions written mostly in Chinese, I'm afraid my level isn't high enough to help. Chinese people are always telling us to baidu words but baidu is written at a very high level that isn't suitable for beginning or intermediate learners.

    Check this
    这里还有单语词典 But this dictionary isn't for the Chinese Learners like you,but for the native speakers.
    And i found a dictionary which prepared for learner.It called"现代汉语学习词典".

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