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Desde vs de

Cuando se usa "desde" en vez de "de". Nos mudamos a los estados unidos desde inglaterra hace 20 anos.. porque se usa desde en este caso en vez de "de"?

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    Concerning your example:
    desde ---> from, but also since.
    de ---> from, but also of.

    "Desde" implies more strongly an action from certain direction (e.g. desde arriba---> "from above"), but they are synonyms when used for indicating displacements from one place to another, as in your example:

    -Vengo desde Madrid/Vengo de Madrid (I come from Madrid)

    -Nos mudamos desde Inglaterra/Nos mudamos de Inglaterra (We moved from Englad),

    However, they have more than one meaning/use, and in those cases they are not equivalent. E.g.:
    -To indicate procedence one uses "de" never "desde":
    "Personas de Inglaterra" (people from England), "Vinos de Francia" (wines from France)
    -To indicate a time interval one used "desde" never "de":
    "Me mudé desde enero" (I moved since January), "No te veo desde enero" ( I have not seen you since January).

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