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German adjective placement?


In German are the adjectives placed before or after the nouns?
Should I say:
schon frau
frau schon

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    Pezhman is quite correct, and I normally wouldn't need to post another answer as a result. However, your have three typos in that example you gave.

    The first concerns "Frau". All German nouns, at all times, must be capitalized.

    The second is that "schon" is NOT the same word as "schön/". "Schön" (in this case, anyway) is an adjective that means "beautiful", while "schon" is an adverb that means "already". They're also pronounced differently, so its somewhat important to distinguish them.

    The third is that most German adjectives are conjugated based on the gender of the noun they're modifying. The endings are -er, -e, -es, -en, and -em depending on the noun and the case of the noun.

    So, in this case, it should be "schöne Frau".
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