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Ok, so I know 'there' in Spanish, but what is "that" "this" and "those"?

My teacher taught us 'there' which is 'hay' but not the other ones! So what are they?

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    "Hay" means "there are" or "there exist". It's an impersonal verb - not a pronoun or a demonstrative. Hay manzanas = There are apples

    Here's a list of demonstratives with an example and translation in English:
    - este libro (this book)
    - estos libros (these books)
    - esta mesa (this table)
    - estas mesas (these tables)
    - ese libro (that book)
    - esos libros (those books)
    - esa mesa (that table)
    - esas mesas (those tables)
    - aquel libro (that book over there)
    - aquellos libros (those books over there)
    - aquella mesa (that table over there)
    - aquellas mesas (those tables over there)

    You can even mix in "hay" if you like.
    Hay esos días malos = There are those bad days

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