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"이제 왔나요?"

I've been trying to translate a song that has the following line:

"어디서 무엇 하다 이제 왔나요"

I'm not certain of the meaning, since "이제" means "now," and "왔나요" means "came?" "이제" suggests it should be in the present tense, but the verb uses the past tense.

The best English translation I can think of is:

"From where and doing what did you now come?"

Am I understanding this line correctly? In English it sounds passable, but "do" would be better than "did."

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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    The most common meaning of 이제 is "now," as you know. But here it is used as a short form of "이제야," which means "finally" "at last"

    For where and doing what did you come (to me) finally?

    이제 can also mean "anymore" when used with 그만.

    우리 이제 그만 만나요
    "Let's not see each other anymore"

    So the meaning depends on the context.

    PS - this song is by 장윤정 right? I don't remember the title but I vaguely remember the melody and the yrics haha..

    It means "Where have you been and why are you late?"

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