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What is the most common way to use "overkill" in day-to-day life?

Someone i know from America told me that they always use "overkill" like this way:That's enough ,anymore is overkill.let's say if you guys are at a restaurant and someone are trying to order more than can be eaten up. but when i looked it up at the dictionary i can't find such a usage anyway, so i 'm really wondering if it makes sense ? or its not that common? if you guys do use it this way, then can i have more examples here? thanks. ;p

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    "Overkill" does mean "excess quantity over what is appropriate or required." We use it all the time.

    Ex: "Why did you buy a computer with a 12-core processor? Unless you're into gaming, that's really an overkill."
    Ex2: "You don't have to make so much food for a 4-person dinner party. A five-course meal is an overkill anyway!"

    "Overkill" is used more in a situation where a person does much more than needed to accomplish a task. Think of it as being similar to "excessive".

    If a person is buying a computer but only intends to use it to write papers and read the news then you can it is overkill for them to buy a $2000 computer intended for playing games. They can do the same with a $200 computer.

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