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"노가리 깔래"

That is translated into "how about chatting with me?"

However, when i looked up the meaning of 노가리 ( a kind of fish - 일종의 생선) & 까다 (=벗다). So I'm wondering whether this expression is considered as slang in Korean?

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    Naver 지식인 (§ion=kin&rank=2&search_sort=0&spq=0&pid=RRYClF5Y7uNsssyMM6ssssssssC-087526&sid=UUvkgnJvLCcAAAyOFhs) explains that this expression came from 경상북도 province. It says 노가리 (a pollack) lays an uncountable number of eggs, but only a very small fraction of them hatch and become an adult pollack before they're eaten up by bigger fish. So "노가리 까다" is basically when someone talks a lot and a lot, but most of the things they say are of little significance. It can simply be translated as to "chitchat." And this expression is a slang in the 경상북도 province.

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