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What's the difference between "생각하다"&"기억하다"?

Do they have the exactly same meaning? Or there is still a little difference? Thanks.

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    생각하다 is to think(想).
    기억하다 is to remember(記得).

    (Posting by request from a comment because I don't want the commenting system to kill the formatting.)

    I'll show you a few examples of the usages of the two words to clarify the difference.
    생각하다 (to think)
    - 어떻게 생각하세요? What do you think?
    - 저는 ...라고 생각해요. I think that ....
    - 뭐라고 생각하고 있어요? What are you think about?
    - 이것 무슨 뜻이라고 생각해요? What do you think this means?

    기억하다 (to remember)
    - 아직 기억하세요? Do you still remember?
    - 그 분의 성함을 기억 안 나요. I don't remember his name.
    - 그 친구의 전화번호를 아직 기억해요? Do you still remember that friend's phone number?
    - 아까 부탁한 것 기억해요? Do you remember what I asked you to do earlier?

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