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뒤로 서있는 누군가 있을 것 같아요


I am trying to translate the following:

I think there is someone standing behind me.
뒤로 서있는 누군가 있을 것 같아요.

1) Is it right to use -ㄹ 것 같다 here?
2) I looked "somebody" up in the dictionary. Is 누군가 correct in this usage?
3) I struggled with "behind my/the back", not sure whether to use 내, whether I should add -로 to 뒤 and if I should use 등 뒤.

실수를 수정해 주셔서 감사합니다.

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    1) -ㄹ 것 같다 is correct.
    2) 누군가 here is also correct.
    3) 뒤 / 내 뒤 / 내 등 뒤 / 등 뒤 will convey similar meanings.(behind me or behind my/the back)

    '뒤에' sounds more natural than '뒤로.' 뒤로 is "to the back,"(movement) and 뒤에 can be either "at the back" (location) or to the back" (movement) depending on the context. So,

    뒤에 서있는 누군가가 있을 것 같아요.

    Though, it is more common to say

    뒤에 누군가 서있을 것 같아요
    (I think someone's standing behind me).

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