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the word order in Chinese.


I would like to explain to me about the word order in the chinese sentences.

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    Order can be " 命令 n. v. " or " 订货 n . v." in Chinese.

    e.g. 上级命令部队进驻基地。 The army was ordered to enter the base.
    服从命令是军人的天职。 Following the order is a must to a soldier.
    昨天我用邮件下了订单。 Yesterday I placed the order through email.
    我想订一些书。 I want to order some books.

    Mandarin Chinese is basically a SVO language, just like English. However it can be using the word order found in German speaking of a compound sentence (not always but sometimes when an adverb is added. For example, English puts an adverb in the first place or the last place in the sentence whereas Mandarin and German don't).

    In addition, oftentimes the SVO rule is broken yet the meaning stays unchanged.
    e.g. 你 (you) 吃了嗎 ? = 吃了嗎你 (you) ? = have you eaten? / did you eat?

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