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What do you think about Russia and about Russian people?

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    This is a fairly broad question. Since I haven't been to Russia and don't know any Russian in reality, I have no personal oppion towards it. However, I have a penfriend from Russia who is around twenty years older than me. But we have many common interests and viewpoints, so we become good friends. How amazing it is!


    From my experience, Russians, though more direct in manner than my culture perhaps, care a lot for people and are very hard-working.
    From my knowledge of Russia, it is undergoing a lot of change and urban-crowding as so many people migrate to Moscow for work. Concepts of space are similar to Canada as it is also sooo vast.


    I have several students from many russian speaking countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Belarus) and I find them serious, very focussed, very determined and hard working. They want much more lesson per week than the american/canadian/chinese/japanese student I have. To beging with, I had more problem teaching them too because I felt they were too demanding on me, a bit cagy about their personal life and I was really thinking about giving up on them until I met lovely sunny Natalia. After that, Elena hleped me realised the worst russian students I had were just insecure people. As I got better at teaching, I got more confidence and they got easier to work with and now they are my very favorite people to teach to. They feel "genuine", if you know what I mean.

    I have noticed that Russians who have come to the United States do very well, for they are extremely intelligent and hardworking.

    That is why I do NOT understand why the country of Russia seems to have so many economic, political, and cultural problems.

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