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i wanna know this difference...

非常 和 很

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    They both are often translated as "very", certainly. "很" has rather little force behind it, I think. Sometimes, it's just *there*. In a sentence like, "He's tall.", you can't just say "他高.", you have to say "他很高." and there's no "very-ness" with it at all. I've sometimes seen "非常" glossed as "extremely" but it seems to carry the same kind of weight that our "very" does. So "他非常高." for "He's very tall." There's no hard and fast scale here (when does "a couple" become "a few" become "several"?) (or if there is, I'll let native speakers delineate it for you), but if you treat "非常" as stronger than "很", you should be fine.

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