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What kind of personality does this adjective "sneaky" refer to?

i'm wondering if "sneaky" can be positive in a way to describe a person? relatively and generally speaking its negative or positive?
Because its verb "sneak" doesn't come across me as good, so i take it for granted that "sneaky" is as negative as its origin, but i read a sentence from a magazine recently., it's like"i like you when you are sneaky" . now i'm really so lost, please help me. ;)

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    Sometimes "sneaky" can be positive. A ninja is sneaky (stealthy); Spiderman can be sneaky; if you are sneaky in a library, it might mean you are being quiet and not attracting attention.

    You can also sometimes use "sneaky" to mean "cute and fun". You might call a good friend a "sneaky little devil".

    But usually when someone is called sneaky, it has a negative feeling.

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