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How would you explain this sentence?


CLOUDS SPREAD OUT over the Atlantic like soiled linens on an unmade bed. I knew, watching them, that if in any given moment a measurement could be made it would show how tentative was my mind’s mastery over my heart. Such small arrangements make a life, and though it’s hard to get close to saying what the heart is, it must at least be that which rushes to spill out of those parentheses which were the beginning and the end of my war: the old life disappearing into the dust that hung and hovered over Nineveh even before it could be recalled and longed for, young and unformed as it was, already broken by the time I reached the furthest working of my memory.

How would you explain the last long sentence? Can I comprehend that the heart is the old life which is lost in the process of his war?
Thank you.

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    I recommend not looking for a lot of meaning in this sentence. It seems like the author is way into what I call subjective La-la Land, and not a lot in touch with objective reality. For that reason I would have guessed the author was an woman, or at least a woman trying to write from the viewpoint of a man, and not doing a very good job of it. If I were reading this book I would put it down and find another. There is just too much illogic and disconnection from reality for me to expect a good story to come out of it.

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