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Hi everyone,I hope you're doing good:).I want to ask you for some advices for learning korean?thanks

For learning: Korean
Base language: Korean
Category: Culture



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    1. learn Korean alphabet (hangeul)
    2. buy a textbook or enroll into korean learning class or find a private tutor
    3. learn grammar, vocabulary, common expressions, etc
    4. practice, practice, practice.. a lot.. speaking, reading, listening, writing.. all that matters for communication and language comprehension
    5. check your skills with Korean test
    6. ...
    7. PROFIT!!!

    dunno what kind of advice to give.. maybe this one - bite small amounts of Korean language and culture, chew it well and do it everyday 2-3 times like your meal ;)

    1. We write letters left to right.
    2. We usually don't care the sentence structures. We care about the 'context'
    3. Do as Jack advised. He shows you 'the way' how to learn Korean language.

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