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Bonjour! J'ai une question (French pronunciation).

Hello. How do I pronounce the word combination "votre vie"? Is there a neutral sound /ə/ at the end of the word "votre"? I think I hear it, but I'm not sure. Is it [votrə vi] or [votr vi]?
Feel free to answer in English or French whichever you find comfortable. Merci d'avance!

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    Hello, the normal way to pronounce it would be something like "votreuvi" so I guess more like [votrə vi]
    Now if you speak very quickly (and informally) you may "butcher" it in something like [vot vi] so you suppress the "r" and the "e" but really the normal/polite way is [votrə vi]

    if the e is the last letter of the word,is no need to pronunciate……

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