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when i wanna " i hate this guy so much", I can use 감탄사, cant I?

그 남자을 싫어하군요.

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    Well, we don't have so many exclamations. We have '아!', '오' '에이!''아이!' '야!' etc.
    These exclamations are fine but usually exclamations are related to 'swearwords', very bad sometimes.
    아, 진짜 그남자 정말 싫어!
    야, 그남자 정말 밥맛이야!
    에이~, 그 남자 싫다고!

    If you want to know 'the swearing words' in Korean, I can let you know but I don't think that is a good idea. If you really really really want to know, then let me know. I will send you some examples by message. But I wouldn't want to know that if I was you Rubby.

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