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我应该做练习, 用所给的词话回答问题。我也应该用“不是...就是" 这个词话。

年轻人几乎都去旅游,— — — —,— — — —。 (国外,外地)


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    I'm not sure I got the right point but I'd love to have a try.
    国外means go abroad. 外地means other place that is not your city.
    年轻人几乎都去旅游,— — — —,— — — —。 (国外,外地)
    China have two long holiday, so how do young people spend their holiday?
    Young people almost go for travel, either going abroad or go to anther city.

    Hope it will help you.:)

    This is the answer you are supposed to fill out:

    My translation:
    There are two long-term holidays throughout the year in China. How do the youngsters spend them?
    They go travelling mostly, either overseas or out of town.

    To your title question:
    No. Not really.

    Hope that helped :-)

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