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How to pronounce this?

I need help on pronunciation of 라 랴 러 려 로 료 루 류 르 리 and 말을 .

These keep me the most trouble pronouncing and I cannot find a pronunciation guide for it.
Could someone please record and audio file of themselves saying these please.


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    라 [ra] or [la], you know the musical scale, la

    랴 [rya] or [lya]

    러 [ro] or [lo] / [rʌ] o [lʌ] but, I recommend you pronounce like [lo-] in 'love'

    려 [reo], [leo] [rio] [lio] its sound is quite hard to explain but think about 'Korea', and the word "Korean" is originally came from "고려" and you can make this sound to say [lio] quickly

    로 [ro] or [lo], it looks confusing with 러 but it is more like [ro] in rod or [lo] in lord

    료 [ryo] or [lyo] - You just make sound r or l +'yo' quite quickly and you can make the sound of 료. Yo girl, you can do this!

    루 [ru] or [lu] but its sound is actually the same as "loo' as toilet in British English.
    I go to the loo to pee

    류 [ryu] or [lyu], I think I will be easy. Do you know the famous actress, Lucy Liu? Its sound is more like Liu in her name.

    르 This is the most difficult part because you didn't use vowel 'ㅡ' Think about 'pro-' in professor.
    How can you make the sound pr ? There, you just pronounce p without any vowel, right? The sound of ㄹis made that way. We must use the combination of consonant and vowel, so we put the vowel 'ㅡ' under the any consonant, 그/느/드/르/므/브/스/으/즈/츠/크/트/프/흐 etc.
    So, I might say, you can make sound 'lm' for 름 and 르 sound can be R in 'Rwanda"

    리 You know this sound, lee, the famous jean make.

    말을 I will write down the way I hear its sound
    You shouldn't say 말 and 을 separately
    How can you say 'want to' ?
    Like the same way, you can make the sound as 마+를.

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