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OK. I'm trying to translate a song verse by verse.
Here is first line
Help me if I'm wrong please

흐르는 눈물에 지우려해

흐르= flow
는 = subject partical??


흐르는 =flowing??

눈물에= in tears?


지우려해= want to erase?
Try to erase?

so "try to erase these flowing tears"?

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    You're on the right track. Your translation is fairly accurate for a beginner. There are just a few minor points that I'll point out for you below.

    "흐르는 눈물에 지우려해"

    Let's break down the verb first. 지우려해 = 지우다 + -려 +하다. As you already know 지우다 means to erase or to forget. -려 is a structure meaning something like "in order to" where the verb before it is the goal of the action (in this case, to erase is the goal), and the verb after it is the method or the means by which one goes about doing that action (in this case, 하다 is the means of doing 지우다). Now, -려 + 하다 is actually a special case that together means "to go about trying to do ...." Putting it together, "지우려해" means "to go about erasing/forgetting."

    The first part now, "흐르는 눈물에." 에 is a particle indicating location or time. Here, the location is in "흐르는 눈물." 눈물 as you already know means tears. 흐르는 is the adjective form of the verb 흐르다 (to flow) that is describing 눈물. So together, "흐르는 눈물" means flowing tears, and "흐르는 눈물에" means "in flowing tears" or "with flowing tears."

    Putting everything together yields "In flowing tears, I'm trying to forget (a memory)."

    I hope I helped. If there's anything unclear, please feel free to ask in the comments!

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