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Some questions about new words I learnt today.


These are the new words I learnt from my bible today: 何等, 慈爱 and 未曾.

Please can you tell me if they are common words?
Do you use them in your everyday or formal Chinese, or are they really only seen in the bible?

Thank you.

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    we usually use these words in written.if we use them when we speak,it sounds very weird.

    i personally think they aren't that common words, at least i wouldn't use them that often when i have some chitchat with my friends. ;p yes mostly you might seee them in some literature works,but i guess not only bible. ;p

    慈爱 is relatively the best common word among them, maybe because its an adjective,you can use it to describle what a person is like. 何等and 未曾 sound more like ancient chinese. of course you definitely could use them in your written chinese.that may make your writing a bit special from others. ;D

    Btw i do get into the way of asking one word or phrase is used often whenever i get to learn some new ones, just like you. i really don't want to occupy my memory capacity for those less-than-common ones considering my current englsih level. ;p

    Hope my answer would offer some help. ;p

    hello I want to learn English Can you teach me I can speak Chinese


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