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What's the difference between 明白 and 了解

whats the difference and how are they used in sentences/situations?

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    They mean exactly the same thing - to understand. There is no difference between the two.

    【明白】clear 我明白 I am clear. 他说得很明白. he said clearly.
    【了解】understand 我了解 I understand.

    the different is that [了解] is a verb, and [明白] is a verb, an adjative or an adverb.


    1.明白:It means someone/something give you explaination or teach you, then you understand.
    eg:老师:你们明白这个问题了吗?(teacher: Do you understand now?)
    学生:明白了。(students: yes, we get it.)

    2.了解:It means after some reaserch or through some other ways makes you know something or know something deeper or better.

    3. 明白 can be an adj means clearly.
    eg: 你把这个问题说得很明白。
    You explained this question clearly.

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