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Do all Korean people have their full names with three characters?


My Physics professor's from S Korea but his full name appears to have only 2 characters, which supposingly are his one-character first name and one-character family name. Just curious about how that could happen.

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    We have one or two letters for the first name and one or two for the family name.
    홍 길동 (홍 is the family name and 길동 is the first name)
    황보 옥분 (황보 is the family name and 옥분 is the first name)
    Usually we have one letter family name except 황보, 재갈, 선우, 남궁, 독고, 서문, 동방
    The most common Korean family names are 김, 이, 박, 최, 정, 장, 오 etc and
    also we use one letter name as well.
    So, it is possible for you to hear two characters name.
    eg. 박현. 최훈

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