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How does conjugation work in russian?

Can you explain me how does it work?

I run = begayat
You Run(singular) = begayut
She runs
He runs

etc. And does it have a rule? Does it apply to all verbs?

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    Basically, there's a verb form for each person, singular and plural, in the present tense. This form may have endings in -e- (1st conjugation) or in -и- (2nd conjugation). Each verb has of a STEM to which these endings are added. In the case of бегать, the stem is бега- which takes 1st conjugation endings: бега|ю, -ешь, -ет, -ем, -ете -ют.

    The past tense has only four forms - one for each gender in the singular, and one for all the genders in the plural: бегал (masculine) бегала (feminine) бегало (neuter) бегали (plural).

    This is a very basic overview, since Russian has a very complicated verb system. You should research it online since this is too broad a question for iTalki.

    Check this please

    I run = я бегаю
    she/he runs = она/он бегает
    You run = ты бегаешь/вы бегаете (plural)
    they run = они бегают
    We run = мы бегаем

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