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jolplabon, bonna, jolochash ki alada?

জলোচ্ছ্বাস、জলপপপ্লাবন、বনণা、 কি আলাদা?
ar konshobdh beshi use kora hoy?
rany seasone hothat kore onek brishti hoy,tar pore rashtay
onek pani vere jay. shetake ki bola hoy?

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    OOps! I overlooked the full context of your question :(

    "jaloplabon" and "bonna" are more or less same in meaning. In fact we commonly use "bonna". "jaloplabon" is used in literature ... I mean in novels, short stories etc. Basically, "plabon" means flood, same as "bonna".....and "jol" is water.....

    However "jolochash" is little's more like a tsunami .... a huge wave of water rushing in to submerge everything.

    Hope it helps!

    "bonya" bala hoy ....

    "bonya" means flood. It's really surprising that you are learning really sounds great ^^. Please keep it up.

    BTW, in Bengali, they often mix English words in a sentence. Like you wrote "Rane Seasone....". It's actually "Rainy Season - e(in)". Since you are also learning English you may find it very interesting... Good Luck ^^

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