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What does "4B" mean in medicine?

It comes from Grey's Anatomy S1E1. Here's the script about "4b".

Karev (male intern): 4B's got post-op pneumonia. Let's start antibiotics.
Nurse: Are you sure that's the right diagnosis?
Karev: Well I don't know, I'm only an intern. Here's an idea, why don't you go spend four years in med school and let me know if it's the right diagnosis. She's short of breath, she's got fever, she's post-op. Start the antibiotics.

I need some professional explanation. Can anybody help me please?

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    In this context, "4B" means "the patient in room 4B."

    Some buildings have rooms that are designated with both letters and numbers. Usually the numbers will refer to a floor or wing of the building. All the rooms in that area are lettered sequentially, beginning with A.

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