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what does "challenging behaviour" mean?

This following requirement appear in a work vancancy advertisement.

"client focused:
understands procedures for effectively dealing with people exhibiting challenging behaviour"

does that mean knowing how to properly deal with clients who are not cooperative?

Additional Details:

I should have expressed my question clearer. This requirement sppears in the job advertisement looking for auditors. (auditors working in a National audit office and provide assurance to parliment about public sectors' accountability and performance)

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    Yes, you are correct. "challenging behaviour" is a short way of saying "behaviour that challenges your authority."

    The acts that Viviane has listed in her answer are very extreme and I wouldn't describe them as "challenging," which is not a very strong word. If "client" means a business client, then typical challenging behaviour would be not paying attention, interrupting others, or being too argumentative. If the job posting is for a position as a social worker or something like that, then perhaps your clients would be doing more extreme things.

    Not necessarily "not knowing how to deal with clients" more as if "they know how to deal with the client it will just be difficult."

    ***The "challenging" part just means they will have a harder time than usual

    Hope this helps^^ Have a nice day!


    It means that they consistently do socially inappropriate things. For example:
    - they're either aggressive towards themselves, other people and things (by screaming, hitting, biting, punching, etc.)
    - they display sexual behaviors like masturbating, groping, making advances to the female staff, etc.
    - they don't communicate with staff and other people and display various types of self-soothing behaviors, like rocking, etc.

    it means in a single word, an active and passionate person.

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