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"Te hecho de menos" what it mean really? whet it used?

I can't understand when the sentence mus't be used. I see inglish films with spanish subtitles and "Te hecho de menos" or "te he echado de menos" or "te echaré de menos" it used in diferent situations.
For example:

1. When someone is dead, People that round him say "Te echaremos de menos"
2. When someone start a long trip and he not will come back, family say him "Te echaremos de menos/te echaré de menos"
3. When someone come bak from a long time. Family say him "Te eche de menos/Te echamos de menos"
4. When someone has lost something of value and recovered it, he say "Te eche de menos"

I would like know if this 4 ponits are correct and in what other situations is used this sentence? And if is possible, put an example in every case.

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    Hola, Luciana. "hechar de menos" significa siempre lo mismo en general, que es "extrañar". Entonces, en tus ejemplos significaría:
    1. we'll miss you (te extrañaremos)
    2. we/I'll miss you (te extrañaremos o te extrañaré)
    3. I/we missed you (te extrañé o te extrañamos)
    4. I missed you (te extrañé).
    No lo usamos mucho en Argentina, por eso no te suena natural, pero en otros países latinoamericanos lo usan más que al verbo "extrañar".
    Espero que te sirva mi respuesta.
    ¡Saludos, compatriota! =)

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