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I want to know. How do other people learn new english words?

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    Hi Egor, I owe you a serious answer!
    I have been using flash cards for learning Chinese words;
    flash-cards are like playing cards, maybe a little smaller, that you make out of
    cardboard. On one side you write a word or a small sentence in language A, and on the other side you write the same meaning in language B.
    You always carry a deck of playing cards in your pocket, and whenever you are idle, like waiting for the bus, you just use mix them up, them as a teacher asking questions. It seems childish, but please believe me, it's fun and also helpful.
    Of course you might write grammar questions and whatever; what happens is that after a while you keep the 'easy ones' at home, and keep carrying with you the 'hard ones'.

    Books, Movies, Radio, internet ...

    They write the words with hot liquid chocolate on the upper surface
    of a cake and then they eat it.

    People lern it it school and the internet

    When they see, read or listen)

    Maybe with songs. :/

    Basic repetition and using the words everyday. Also, relating them to your language or similar words help!

    Hope this helps^^ Have a nice day!

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