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my family

I want to say
"I have a dad, a younger brother and a younger sister "

dad= 아빠요
Also i saw as 아버지
Is one more respectable??

younger brother= 남동생

Younger sister = 영동생

Do I use 있다??

저는 아빠요, 남동생("과"?) 영동생이 있다

I have no idea How to make this sentence

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    아버지 and 아빠 both translate to father in English. 아버지 is more formal - it is what you would refer to your father with when talking about him with other people. 아빠 is less formal - it is what you would use when you're talking to your father, or talking to your close friends about your father.

    Now, anytime you want to say that you have something, it becomes 저는 (something)이/가 있다.

    As you already know: father is 아버지; younger brother is 남동생; and, younger sister is 여동생. Plugging these three nouns into the structure, you now have 저는 (아버지, 남동생, 여동생)이/가 있다. To string nouns together into a list, you use the particle 도. So now you have, 저는 아버지도 남동생도 여동생도 있다 (note that the presence of the final 도 eliminates the need of the subject particle 이/가). Conjugating the 있다, the sentence becomes its finished form: 저는 아버지도 남동생도 여동생도 있어요.

    If you want to expand on this sentence by specifying the number of male/female siblings you have, you can add (number) + 명 after the nouns (for example, 남동생 2명도 있어요. = I also have two younger brothers.)

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