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hot dog

Does anybody know where the name of the "dish" come from?

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    There appears to be no real consensus on where it came from.
    It does however include'
    The term "dog" has been used as a synonym for sausage since 1884 and accusations that sausage makers used dog meat date to at least 1845.[13] In the early 20th century, consumption of dog meat in Germany was common.[14] The suspicion that sausages contained dog meat was "occasionally justified".[15]
    The sausage in a bread roll (bun) is an american hotdog.
    Despite the obvious pressure for all language to conform to that seen on ubiquitous US TV shows,. hotdog does mean other things in some countries. In New Zealand it traditionally meant a large red sausage on a stick, covered in batter. (No bread involved & no mustard :)

    I think the U.S.A

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