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我想知道是否'上班'的意思是 ‘go to work/leave for work ' 还是 'start work'?
I go to work at 7am and start work at 8am.


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    上班= to go to work
    下班= to get off work

    我早上七點上班 = I go to work at 7 AM
    我晚上九點下班 = I get off work at 9 PM

    There's really no difference between going to work and starting work. I guess in Chinese you can assume that once you go to work, it's because you'll start working.

    It is one of those things that is convenient in one language & different in another.
    You have to say explicitly something like, I leave home (for work) at X & start work a Y.
    So, here 上班 will be the "start work" one. :)

    It's just like 上课/下课 except it's about work instead of class. So not "go to work" or "leave for work" but "start work."

    我想这是as a result of chinese expression
    他的意思是 我七点来上班的"工作地点" 但是八点才刚"开始工作"
    所以我认为应该是这样 (my personal opinion)



    You can just say "我7点出门上班,8点开始工作。"

    首先标题应该是【“上班”是什么意思?】你的标题意思近似于 what is interesting in the job?
    [I go to work at 7am and start work at 8am] [我早上7点去上班,8点开始工作。]注意早上七点对应的动词是【去】不是【上班】。“8点开始上班”也正确,但在本句中有词语重复的感觉。
    【你们单位几点上班? 九点上班(start working )】
    【你在做什么? 上班。(be at work)】
    【你去哪? 上班(to work )】
    【你儿子现在上班没? 上班了(have a work/job)】

    go to work/leave for work = 去上班/上班去

    start work = 开始工作

    I go to work at 7am and start work at 8am. 我(早上)7点去上班,八点开始工作。

    Hope that helps.


    上班=work, we use it as a verb mostly...

    *Do you have time today?

    No, I need to work.

    沒有, 我要上班.

    *Someone calls at 6pm to ask:
    Do you want to meet for dinner later?

    No, sorry, I am still working.
    對不起, 不行, 我還在上班.

    *Are you in work yet?

    and like most other chinese verbs, if u add another noun behind, then it became adj

    working hours


    you see Chinese words and phrases with English language eyes
    it's not "‘go to work/leave for work ' 还是 'start work'?"
    it's ‘go to work/leave for work ',也是 'start work'
    Chinese people never say "I go to work at 7am and start work at 8am."
    they would rather say "in the morning i leave my home at 7, start work at 8"

    to improve your Chinese you'd better change the method "translate from English to Chinese" into "read more original Chinese texts and learn how the things are expressed in different situations"
    otherwise all you have will be "作你知道他的姐妹?" “怎么你做?” “有你念这书已经?”etc
    a lot of efforts and little result

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