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Using "ni" to explaing "tai"

I recently learned about using "Verb (masu-form) + に ni + (place)に ni+いきます ikimasu" to explain reason for movement, can i combine this with "-tai" form also?
The sentence I want to make is "I want to move/live in bangkok to study fashion design"
So would the Japanese sentence " Fashion sekei wo benkyoshini bangkok nisumitaidesu" be grammatically correct?

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    "Fashion design wo benkyoshini bangkok e/ni ikitaidesu" sounds natural. If you want to use "sumitai," you should say "Fashion design wo benkyo surutameni bangkok ni sumitaidesu."
    You can say "-shini + iku", but you can't say "-shini + sumu." The latter doesn't make sense.

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