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verse 2

Verse 2 f the song is
깨끗하게 너의 겉을 수 밖에

깨끗하게 - cleanly?

너의- your
의- "of"??

겉을 -??

겉- surface 을- preposition "by"??

떠날 - leave

수- number?

밖에 - outside

I have no idea if any of the words are correct ..

I don't know something cleanly leave your face??

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    깨끗하게 without regret (깨끗하게 meaning "clean/cleanly or entirely, fairly, openly, honorably, innocently" relates to 'without leaving any mess')
    너의 you(r)
    곁을 (a side, nearby, beside etc.)
    떠날 수 (to leave)
    ~밖에 (have no choice but or can't help ~)

    I hope it will help.

    I think your dictation has some errors.

    MBLAQ, Cry right?

    흐르는 눈물에 널 지우려 해
    깨끗하게 너의 곁을 떠날 수 밖에
    넌 너무 쉽게 떠나가려 해
    여잘 믿지마
    싸늘하게 식은 목소리 거친 니 눈초리
    오 차디찬 매 마른 입술

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