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Best ways to learn a language?

So...I have been trying to learn Korean for maybe 6-7 months now but I find myself making huge mistakes still and I feel like I barely know a thing. How can I improve? I have been using as well as the book Survival Korean by Stephen Revere. I'm taking notes to study everyday and using flashcards for some vocabulary, numbers, and reviewing Hangul. As well as watching and listening to as much Korean music and Korean tv/moveis as possible.

I feel like I am studying hard but I am not learning nearly as much as I want to...

How do you learn languages? What is most helpful?


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    1st of all, if you can understand the global story about a Korean movie you watched, or a song you listened to, then you're on the right way, go on working!

    If you think you're moving along slowly, then the working time isn't enough or the method used isn't efficient enough according to your potential.

    Oral communication is perfect as an alternative!

    best way to improver your language is,

    actually using it

    rather than studying forever : )

    worked for me

    Accepting lots of information is good, but another good thing is to study just one thing until you get enough confidence.

    For example, you can practice 20 minute-long movie of Korea(ex.sitcom).
    You can speak it, read it, memorize it and learn Koren culture, moods in the movie.

    if you repeate as above while accepting information of Korea grammar, culture, vocabularies(things what you do now),
    the range of your understaning about it is going to be deeper and more wide.

    of course, your confidence can be growing because you have, at least , one content that you can speak in confidence

    hmm, I am studying in the belief(above things) , do you have any will to join??

    There is no way one can learn a language in less than 2-3-4 years. And 'learn' is not even the correct term. You have to become the language. For something as obscure as Korean . . . you're looking at 10 years at the very least.

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