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what does "I got plummy" mean?

Please help me out,what does this sentence exactly mean?

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    It's actually a mis-translation, being taught to you as "authentic" English. : / I've only found it on Chinese websites.

    Do you mean wrinkly skin, after being in the water? Then we say "wrinkled as a prune". We could say "pruney" but it's a little uncommon.

    We never use "plummy" for this situation, because to us a plum is a fresh, round juicy fruit. We use "plum(my)" to describe pleasant and desirable things.

    This is a British idiom related to the way an upper class person speaks. It refers to having a deep tone and a refined and somewhat drawling articulation of words.
    It can also mean desirable, as in "I got a plummy job at the London Stock Exchange"

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