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What does this sentence mean?

Please look at this sentence: I'm still processing it all myself. the paraphrase on my reference book says it means "try to understand something ,get it straight". but i think maybe it means " try to deal with something", maybe it can mean both? i really have no idea, please help me, what does this sentence strike you as?

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    Depending on the context, i.e. (that is to say/that means) depending on the situation that the person is "processing" it could mean:
    1 - trying to understand something, e.g. I'm processing the instructions to fix the problem with my computer.
    2 - trying to analyze something, e.g. I have been processing the causes of my money problems.
    3 - trying to deal with something, e.g. I am still processing the results of my recent divorce (don't worry... I wasn't married, so I didn't get divorced :)

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