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Wann benutzt man "das" und "es"?

it confuses me...

Ich habe heute Geburtstag.
Das/Es(?) ist ja cool?

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    native speaker here :-)
    "Das ist ja cool" is right, though to explain why, i had to do a little research on our grammar. But i think i know what might cause the confusion here:
    You have to keep in mind, that both "das" and "es" can have different funktions in a sentence. If you're refering to a statement someone else has given, like "Ich habe heute Geburtstag", you need "das" as a demonstrative pronoun (ger: "Demonstrativpronomen").
    "Das ist ja cool" (meaning: It's cool, that it' your birthday)

    "Es" on the other hand, is NOT a demonstrative pronoun. It can be used, hower, as a space holder for a subordinate clause in your own statement:
    "Es ist cool, dass du heute Geburtstag hast."
    "Es ist toll, dass das Wetter heute so schön ist."

    not to be confused, with "es" as a personal pronoun:
    "Wie ist das Wetter?" - "Es ist schön."

    i hope this helped a bit - an i really hope i got this correct myself :-)
    i think this is an aspect of grammar you learn best by just getting the feeling for it, instead of learning to rules.
    Greetings from Germany

    Use 'das'. I'm pretty certain that it's the exact same principle as in English.

    "I have a birthday today."

    "That's cool!"

    "It" could only be used if you're the one saying both sentences. "I have a birthday today; it's pretty cool."

    Once again, the same thing goes in German. You'd only say, "Es ist ja cool" if you were also the one saying, "Ich habe heute Geburtstag".

    Of course, I may be horribly wrong, and then we'll BOTH learn something when a native German shows up...

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